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It doesn't matter what you weigh. Height and weight charts are meaningless. What really matters is the composition of the body - the amount of your body is muscle and how much is fat. An understanding of body composition is one of the ways you'll escape the gravitational pull from the diet mentality. Body composition is really a much more sophisticated method to see your body. Forget the scales and the height and weight charts. Focus on body composition.

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Body composition testing measures how lean your body is. Remember, getting lean means to enhance your lean body mass - your muscles, your bones, your organs and the fluids of your body. Body composition is the only accurate way to measure how lean you are.

We have a real challenge within this country. We live in the fattest nation on earth. The average American male is 26% excess fat. The average American female is 36% body fat. Let's put that in perspective. If the average male with 26% body fat weighs 200 pounds, it means he's carrying around 52 pounds of fat. Fat is dead weight. Every pound of fat adds 7 miles for your circulatory system. The body stores your toxins in your fat cells. The greater fat you've on your body, the greater toxic the body is.

Example. An individual who is 50 pounds over their ideal bodyweight has a chance of cancer that is 18 times greater than the average. Based on cutting edge research performed at Tufts University Medical School, the best single indicator of whether you're aging successfully is your body fat percentage. The leaner you're, the more successfully you age. You cannot be too lean.

Based on exercise physiology research what should your body composition be? Men ought to be 15% body fat or less no matter age. Women ought to be 22% body fat or less regardless of age.

15% excess fat for men and 22% excess fat for women will put you into best to very good health. What if you want excellent health? What if you want to be as healthy as you could possibly be? For male athletes or men that want excellent health, the range is 6 to 12% - no matter age. For ladies it's 12 to 18%.

How can you measure body composition? There are various methods. Hydrostatic weighing is the gold standard of body composition testing. It is the most accurate, but not very practical. Skin fold calipers are nearly as accurate, a lot more practical, and much more comfortable for you personally.

Fat is stored in 3 different areas of our body. Subcutaneously - which is between the skin and also the muscle. Intramuscularly - that is within the muscle (also known as marbeling in steak). And, involving the organs.

To acquire your body composition, it will be necessary to appraise the thickness of the epidermis fold in 7 different locations on your body utilizing a skin fold caliper. It'll very accurately measure the thickness of the epidermis fold in millimeters. These numbers is going to be entered into a really complex mathematical formula that's been developed by exercise physiology research.

What will you learn? You'll learn the body fat percentage which is a relationship between your amount of fat you've compared with your lean muscle mass. You'll learn how many pounds of the total body weight are fat. And just how many pounds are lean body mass. And you'll learn your true ideal bodyweight. How is that calculated? The computer will take your lean muscle mass - your fat free weight - and additionally the optimal quantity of body fat 15% a high level guy. 22% if you're a gal. Now you must your true ideal body weight based on the body - not some height and weight chart.

Remember, you won't always lose weight every week. However this is where the measurements help much. If you don't lose weight, but your measurements get smaller, you have got leaner. Remember, if you gain one pound of muscle and lose one pound of fat, unwanted weight hasn't changed, but they're leaner.

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